Top 5 Popular Cleansing Methods – Which Is The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss?

Top 5 Popular Cleansing Methods – Which Is The Best Cleanse For Weight Loss?

Best Cleanse For Weight Loss-These are considered the Top 5 Approaches

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If you are looking to lose a little or a lot of weight and detox your body at the same time; then using a specific detox cleanse plan may be just the right way for you. From the extreme to the not so extreme, we have found the 5 top diets that people consider to be the best cleanse for weight loss.

Below is a little about each cleanse formula for weight loss. You can easily decide for yourself by reading which is the best cleanse for weight loss for you.

Losing weight can be done, you just have to choose your plan for getting there

Which is the best cleanse for weight loss…you decide

1) Master Cleanse

Detoxifying literally means removing poisons from your body. Once these poisons are gone, you will feel energetic, vital, happy and healthy.

The Master Cleanse is the cleanse that has made the news because of big stars like Beyonce, who have used it to drop weight and get ready for major acting roles.

It consists of different drinks that you mix and consume to clear the toxins out of your body and ultimately lose weight. Using a specific plan together with formulas with ingredients such as organic maple syrup,cayenne pepper and herbal teas you can cleanse your body in a minimum of 10 days. This is not an easy cleanse to stick to, but the results that people are getting really speak for themselves. If you are motivated-it may be something to try

  • Read more about the Master Cleanse Here

2) Juice Cleansing to detox and lose weight

Using juice to cleanse and detox is another popular way that people are using to lose weight. A lot of people think this is the best cleanse for weight loss..We found an excellent explanation on Juice cleansing below

A juice fast is great way to nurture your body, rebuild your immune system and restore yourself to a healthy way of living.

Raw fruit and vegetable juice contains many cleansing elements such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants to heal and detoxify the body safely.

Little energy is used by your digestive system during the cleanse, allowing the body to focus on rebuilding, renewing and healing. You might be surprised by how much energy you have after the first few days!

Is Juice Cleansing for Everyone?

Since juicing fulfills most of the body’s nutrient requirements, your energy levels should remain high enough on this cleanse to continue working.

Ideally a juice fast should be done on a break in countryside or at the beach Getting in touch with nature while cleansing is the ultimate purifying and revitalizing experience. Its certainly possible to fit a juice cleanse around your everyday life too though.

If you can manage it, 3-10 days on this cleanse is enough to detox and heal the body. If you to plan to do longer, it is advisable to get professional supervision.

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3) Cleansing with Raw Food

Using a raw food diet to cleanse your body is another popular way to drop pounds and get healthier. Raw food is food without preservatives, chemicals or being processed. Using the fiber and nutrients that are naturally in these foods, the body then will cleanse itself of toxins. This will help with the natural weight loss that people are looking for. This is usually done in conjunction with juicing.

If you are thinking about doing this type of cleanse it is better to follow a raw food diet plan so that you will have guidance throughout the process.

  • Go here for a Raw Food Cleanse Diet Plan

4) Medically Supervised Liquid Diet Cleanse-Is this the best cleanse for weight loss?

This is the most intense cleanse for weight loss so far. Drinking nothing but nutrient packed shakes for an undefined amount of time. Yes this will help you to detox and cleanse your body for weight loss. However, it is used for extreme obesity.

You are examined and weighed weekly under a Doctor’s supervision. Plus you receive counseling calls in between these appointments.

Besides the cost being very substantial, this type of fast is extremely difficult. Out of all of the people that I have seen try a program like this, few are successful long term. You do lose weight, but maintenance is very difficult without constant follow-up and support meetings.

You can find information about any local Medically Supervised Liquid Cleanse Diet right in your phone book.

5) Diet Supplements to help cleanse and detox the body

Using a dietary supplement that claims to help you lose weight is a direction that many people go. There are many different diet supplements on the market today that can really help you with your weight loss efforts. Supplements like green coffee bean extract is being talked about all over the media. Dr Oz is just one of the well known advocates of the weight loss benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract. These diet supplements are being studied for their detoxifying and cleansing abilities constantly.

After nearly 3 months of completed evaluation, the University controlled clinical study was lead to believe green coffee bean extract can boost the body’s natural ability to burn fat faster and regulate blood-sugar levels while supplying the body with extra healing antioxidants….read more here

Best Cleanse for weight loss conclusion…

Finding the best cleanse for weight loss comes down to you. If you are wanting to lose weight then you can. Assuming there is no underlying medical reason for you not to.

Eating foods like fruits and veges that are considered healthy, drinking enough water and adding in some exercise is a good place to start. If then you decide that you need a little head start or push, then try one of the weight loss cleanses above.

What truly makes a plan the best cleanse for weight loss is what ultimately works for you!

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