So three guys and an internet celebrity walk into a bar…

So three guys and an internet celebrity walk into a bar…

Feel free to stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

So we’ve been hearing about it’s development for a little while now, but today was the big PR push for Mana Bar, Brisbane’s one and only gaming ‘n’ grog nightspot. Being an admitted fan of combining games and alcohol, the idea was always going to intrigue me. Here’s some delicious press release:

Yug, Shay, Pras and whoever the fourth one was

Opening in February 2010, The ‘Mana Bar’ is the first licensed venue that will allow people to enjoy a drink while playing the latest video game systems.

Located Australia in the heart of Brisbane’s entertainment district the Mana Bar will feature a stylish geek chic interior design with multiple LCD screens attached to the walls with playable next-gen console systems. The venue will be accessible to a wider casual market, while still catering to the hardcore gamer crowd.

Entry to the venue will be free, with no charge to play the games. The Mana Bar has a 50 person maximum capacity, and will host many special events such as game release parties, guitar hero tournaments, trivia nights, launch events, and many more.

The whole concept has been cooked up by four Australian gaming enthusiasts: AustralianGamer’s ‘Yug’ Blomberg, Creative Assembly’s Pras Moorthy, Shay Leighton and … some other guy I didn’t quite catch the name of. Must have slipped my mind. Oh well, I’m certain some other site may have dropped his name at some point.

In all seriousness, I’m interested to find out how the whole thing goes when the bar opens up in late February. Is it going to be a fun, creative place where gamers can hang out and drink, or simply a controller snatching console camp-a-thon? I’d seriously love to find out the structure the boys are putting into place for use of the machines. Meanwhile, I’m going to assume that the dubious drinking profits from a maximum of 50 engrossed gamers will be nicely offset by lucrative gaming industry functions and events.

Still, with no cover charge and free games on tap all night, it certainly sounds like something to check out for all you Brisbane folk. Head over to the official site for more details as they come to hand!