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Ediets-weightloss.com - Your Results!

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A Question Came To My Inbox Asking, What Are The Benefits Using Your Weight Loss System?

When you get back to your ideal weight you will be amazed how much much more positive you will be thinking and feeling more fulfilled. You will have this realization that when you were out of shape you would spend the most of your time thinking miserable and negative about your weight.

Just this one change to your life is priceless. You will wonder how and why you did not do it sooner. And having this conscious shift has a knock on effect...

You will wake up in the morning more easily

You won''t get as tired in the day time

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Your skin, nails, hair will get better

You will get more attention and be noticed

It will give you a better chance of getting a new job

You will burn your unwanted fat

You will increase Thermogenesis (the body''s rate of burning calories)

I am going to take you behind the scenes and show you secrets that have taken me years of working with clients, some secrets sometimes little known that literally stripped off all the fat, and how you can easily do the same.

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You will see how to lower your cholesterol while burning your fat.

Did you know, they say that 90% of the time when you are feeling hungry, it is actually your body _______ ___ ____ ___ ___ __________! And by doing this will result in more weight loss!

Knowing this one thing, (and in my 20 years of experience going to the doctors they have never mentioned it) you will understand how and where most cravings actually come from. And by doing this, not only is it probably the best cure for Acne but also could help women get fertile and become pregnant?

But Why?Why do you want to lose weight?

Everybody, absolutely everybody has a why! Why they want to lose weight. And believe me, I have had my fair share of listening and understanding people''s WHY. And if any of the following resinates with you, then you definately will want to "jump on board with me and start using my system".

To take better care of my daughter

Both my parents are diabetic and I don''t want to end up in the same suffering

I am getting married in 6 months time

To start to care for myself again

My father just died and this was a real wake up call for me

Sick of feeling tired all the time and not having much energy

Want to start playing sports again

I want to grow old gracefully to around and watch my grandchildren grow up

I''ve never been One for money, that''s not my thing, but counting the lbs lost of the people I''ve helped, now we are talking!

I remember the first lb that I helped someone lose...

Their face was like that of a child, glowing, innocent, with eyes filled with so much joy and happyness. And it was at that moment, my heart ripped open, that I really understood just the importance it means to someone''s life, to be happy with their weight.

Here are a few health problems related to being overweight or obese, and why it is important to look after ourselves.

Overweight Obesity Related Ailments and Medical Conditions

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancers, Breast Cancer, Cancers of the Esophagus and Gastric Cardia, Colorectal Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Renal Cell Cancer, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Daytime Sleepiness,

Deep Vein Thrombosis, End Stage Renal Disease, Gallbladder Disease, Gout, Heat Disorders, Hypertension, Impaired Immune Response, Impaired Respiratory Function, Infections Following Wounds, Infertility, Kidney Stones, Liver Disease, Low Back Pain, Obstetric and Gynecologic Complications, Pain, Pancreatitis, Sleep Apnea, Stroke, Surgical Complications, Urinary Stress Incontinence and other conditions.

Several other obesity-related conditions have been reported by various researchers including:

Abdominal hernias, acanthosis nigricans, endocrine abnormalities, chronic hypoxia and hypercapnia, dermatological effects, depression, elephantitis, gastroesophageal reflux, heel spurs, hirsutism, lower extremity edema, mammegaly (causing considerable problems such as bra strap pain, skin damage, cervical pain, chronic odours and infections in the skin folds under the breasts, etc.), large anterior abdominal wall masses (abdominal paniculitis with frequent panniculitis, impeding walking, causing frequent infections, odours, clothing difficulties, low back pain), musculoskeletal disease, prostate cancer, pseudo tumor cerebri (or benign intracranial hypertension), sliding hiatil hernia.

Over 100,000 people die in the U.S.A from prescription drugs! Every year!

"Hospitilised patients who die from ''noxious'', unintended and undesired effect of a drug which occurs at normal doses. Even with the use of approved medicines and correct medication procedures, over one hundred thousand people die every year from unintended reactions to the ''medicine'' that is supposed to be reviving their health."

It Doesn''t Have To Be That Way!

The WHO estimates that as many as 80% of the world''s population depend on traditional medicine for their primary health care needs.*

*"Guidelines on the Conservation of Medicinal Plants." (1993) Published by The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), Gland, Switzerland, in partnership with The World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland, and World Wide Fund for Nature, Gland, Switzerland.

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"UltraSlim Plus has antioxidant superpower! Green Tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature. It can be several times more powerful than many highly regarded healthy fruits and vegetables. Green tea has been used for centuries in Asia and extensively studied in the Western world to provide the most powerful protection to your cells is one of the best free radical scavengers in existence. Weight loss isn’t the only benefit of green tea.

This is just ONE of the 9 SuperPower Natrual ingredient benefits in UltraSlim Plus!

Reduces the risk of heart attack

Decreases the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis

Act as an antibacterial and antiviral agent

Prevents dental cavities and gum disease

The biggest, most publicised and talked about natural weight loss product in America. It has been featured on CBS, 60 Minutes, ABC, NBC Today, BBC, CNN, in Oprah''s “O” Magazine and in other major electronic and print media... With the media storm presently surrounding this weight loss product of the decade, there’s little wonder why this product has been in such high demand.

What The Doctors Are Saying AboutUltraSlim Plus?

“Contains same amount of flavonoids -- or more -- as a serving of many fruits and vegetables”

professor of nutrition at Tufts University

[When taking Hoodia] “our study has shown that people will cut their calories probably in less than half and their not desiring any additional food”

of research and development at Bucks county clinical research

“Lose 10 pounds in six weeks… I will guarantee it.”

-Dr Perricone has appeared on Oprah, on PBS specials and has written many books on health and longevity

including “Dr Perricone 7 secrets to beauty, health and longevity”

UltraSlim PlusPotent And Superpower Natural Ingredients

Chromium is essential for a healthy metabolism, especially when you get older. If you aren''t getting enough chromium, you may feel run down or have trouble keeping your weight off.

It has been showin in numerous studies to boost your metabolism while blocking the Body''s natural instinct to burn muscle before fat which improves the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat in the body.

This SuperPower ingredient can also help regulate sugar cravings, regulate cholesterol and triglycoride levels, enhancing insulin function. Chromium deficiency may be involved in weight problems, like obesity and contribute to onset type 2 diabetes.

Amongst the many studies done on Chromium Picolinate resulting in muscle enhancing, fat reducing, giving increased energy, controlled appetite; This is where Chromium is king but U.S Government Studies indicate that 9 out of 10 Americans do not get enough Chromium in their daily diet. Which interesting enough, during a meeting of top nutrition scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, researchers found people who consumed extra chromium, or vitamins B6 or B12, typically gained less weight over a period of 10 years than those who did not.

Which makes you wonder, when you look at the epidemic both in the US and here in the UK of overweight and obese people.

Also, it''s possible that the lack of chromium actually make you age faster! A recent scientific review of "Chromium and Aging" suggests that diseases that were once thought to be a consequence of age are, in fact, related to a chromium deficiency.

Green Tea has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, but make sure it is high grade tea. Green Tea is considered one of the most powerful botanicals today.

Because of its dense nutritional composition, it supports immunity, improves cardiovascular, health and helps the body burn unwanted fat.

UltraSlim Plus top grade Green Tea will not only promote your weight loss by raising your metabolism but also speed up fat oxidation. Green Tea contains natural compounds called "catechin polyphenols" which increase the body''s resting metabolic rate or more simply put - speeds up the body''s potential to burn more calories.

Green Tea lowers cholesterol and increase energy expenditure and causes carbohydrates to be released slowly, preventing sharp increases in blood-insulin level. This promotes the burning of fat. The thermogenic effect was originally attributed to its caffeine content. However, green tea stimulates brown fat thermogenesis far greater than a comparable amount of pure caffeine. It appears that the catechin-polyphenols, in particular epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and caffeine that naturally occur in green tea work synergistically to stimulate thermogenesis and augment and prolong sympathetic stimulation of thermogenesis. It has been shown to increase 24-hour energy expenditure and fat oxidation (caffeine only increases metabolism during the time you take it).

Facilitates weight loss by affecting glucose. Weight is gained as excess sugars and fats are stored in the body as fat cells. Green tea catechins can help prevent obesity by inhibiting the movement of glucose in fat cells. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has been found to be especially effective. There is now good evidence that green tea catechins are related to reductions in body fat.

Even a small quantity of high quality Hoodia can quickly shuts off your hunger for up to 6 hours. During that time, you won''t crave anything and your appetite will be significantly reduced as well. All of your favorite foods will still smells great, looks wonderful, and it tastes the same but this time you’ll be in control, you will be able to decide what and when to it.

How does this all work? First, understand what "hunger" really is in the first place. Hunger is simply a chemical message that causes you to feel, well... hungry. You see, your body can, and does, create the illusion of hunger even when you don''t need calories. Problem is, this is an automatic process, and we can''t turn it off.

Your hypothalamus -- part of your body''s endocrine system -- decides when you should feel hungry or full by sensing the rise of sugar (glucose) in your blood. Eat enough carbohydrates, and your blood sugar rises, which convinces your hypothalamus to tell your brain that you''re no longer hungry. Normally, to get your hypothalamus to turn off the hunger switch, you''d have to eat a good amount of food.

But your hypothalamus is slow: it takes around 20 minutes to figure out what you''ve eaten, and by that time, you''ve probably eaten another 800 calories. So by the time your hunger signal finally gets turned off, you''ve already overeaten again... and you just gained more weight!

Hoodia Fools Your Brain To Switch Off Your Hunger. Researchers at Brown University in Rhode Island first found that the steroidal glycosides in hoodia affects nerve cells in the hypothalamus that monitor blood glucose.

In other words, Hoodia contains a substance that your hypothalamus thinks is glucose. This special substance is 10,000 times more potent than glucose as a brain signal. It only takes a tiny bit of this substance to trigger the cancellation of your hunger signals - and it is very fast.

When you eat this substance, your hypothalamus thinks you''re completely full, as if you''ve eaten an all-you-can-eat buffet. It sends a signal and your hunger is suddenly gone. Everything else is normal.

Banaba has been used in the Philippines for blood sugar control. One of the active ingredients in banaba leaf is corosolic acid and there has been some research done with Banaba in Japan. Banaba Leaf potent extract provides active levels of Corosolic acid without isolating, fractionizing or using toxic solvents, harsh chemicals or gases.

Because of the way banaba helps the body to handle glucose (glucose transport activator) it is also used effectively in weight-loss products. Supplementwatch.com says: An interesting ''side-effect'' of tighter control of blood sugar and insulin levels is a significant tendency of banaba to promote weight loss (an average of 2-4 lbs. per month) – without significant dietary alterations. It is likely that modulation of glucose and insulin levels reduces total caloric intake somewhat and encourages moderate weight loss." In Japan, Banaba tea has become quite popular. In the US, many weight-loss formulas are now using banaba as a safe, natural component for reducing weight.

Other benefits of the Banaba extract

Apart from the obvious fact that the Banaba extract will help control blood glucose and insulin levels, thus aiding the treatment of diabetes, research has also shown that it helps lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. This too, is good news as it will help reduce other associated health risks of being overweight and obese.

In studies carried out in Japan, the Banaba extract was fed to overweight mice and the results showed a significant reduction in lipid levels – down by 65%. The study also showed a definite reduction in weight and body fat.

Theobromine means "Food of the Gods" (Aphrodisiac). If you love chocolate as most of us do then your in a treat girls! The name Theobromine which itself is made up of the Greek roots theo ("God") and Brosi ("Food"), meaning "Food of the Gods".

While Theobromine is not addictive, it has been cited as possibly causing addiction to chocolate. Theobromine has also been identified as one of the compounds contributing to chocolate''s reputed role as an aphrodisiac. (That will certainly work off the lbs off us in the bedroom) So not only can this evaluate your moods in time when you want to stay productive it can also perk you up.

It also has over therapeutic uses, used since the late 19th century where it was recommended by the Publication "Principles of Medical Treatment" as a treatment for edema (excessive liquid parts of the body) as well as angina attacks.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition notes that Theobromine was once used as a treatment for other circulatory problems including arteriosclerosis, certain vascular deseases and hypertenstion. In todays modern medicine Theobromine is used as a vasodilator (a blood vessel widener) and in future use of Theobromine in such field as cancer prevention has been patended.

It increases the heart beat, yet it also delates blood vessels, causing a reduced blood pressure.

A 2004 study published by Imperial College London concluded that Theobromine has an antitussive (cough-reducing) effect. Reduce high blood pressure, help balance blood pressure and reduce blood clotting.

The New York Times reported that dark chocolate is almost as effective as lowering blood pressure as common antihypertentive drugs.

Professor MacDonald from the University of Nottingham did a study that suggested the cocoa flavanols in chocolate may enhance brain functions to help fight sleep deprivation, fatigue, and the effects of ageing.

MSNBC reported it can ease pre-menstrual symptoms

Reduces the risk of heart attack

Raises HDL (good) cholesterol and lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol.

...its positive effects of lipid metabolism

Helps build strong bones and helps form strong hair and nails

Black, oolong, and green tea are produced from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. C. sinensis is native to eastern Asia. L-theanine is a unique amino acid found only in the tea plant.

For centuries green tea has been highly valued as a soothing drink to calm the body and soothe the soul. Now new research has discovered the biochemical key to green teas deeply soothing effects, the amino acid L-theanine, which is found almost exclusively in the leaves of green tea (Camellia sinensis). L-theanine has been shown to have a deeply relaxing effect, reducing stress and anxiety, but without the sedating effects of other relaxing agents. In fact, many people find L-theanine actually increases energy levels while reducing anxiety. L-theanine was approved in Japan in 1964 for unlimited use in all foods (including chocolates, soft drinks, herb teas), except infant foods. It also provides a unique umami (brothy or savory) taste and flavor to green tea infusion. L-theanine has been used in cosmetics to moisturize the skin.

L-theanine may help relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without drowsiness. L-theanine as been shown to promote the generation of alpha-brain waves, an index of relaxation.

It may also boost natural resistance to microbial infections and perhaps even tumours. Researchers suggest further isolating and refining L-theanine from tea to use it as a drug to boost the infection defence of the body. Although limited, there is clinical evidence to support these claims.

Detailed Description Botanical: Magnolia glauca (also known as Magnolia virginiana)

Other common names: Sweetbay Magnolia, Laurel Magnolia, Swamp Laurel, Sweetbay

In Chinese medicine Magnolia Bark has been associated with the stomach, lungs, spleen and large intestine for over two thousand years and has been used to treat abdominal bloating, gas, nausea, diarrhea, menstrual cramps and indigestion. Recent studies have found that the herb inhibits the production of cortisol (the substance that encourages fat storage) and may be effective in weight loss programs.

Magnolia Bark has been used in Chinese herbal medicine for at least two thousand years as an aromatic, pungent and warming stimulant that treats various disorders of the digestive system and strengthens stomach function. It is a bitter relaxant herb that acts as a tonic and improves digestion, relieving stomach pains, gastro-enteritis and flatulence. It calms Diarrhea and vomiting associated with indigestion, stimulates poor appetite and alleviates fullness and distension of the abdomen.

As a mild diaphoretic, Magnolia Bark is said to increase perspiration and sweating and thus reduce fevers and cool the body. It has been historically used in cases of malarial fevers and fevers of a typhoid type.

Magnolia Bark is believed to have Antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties. As such, the bark is thought to relieve the pain and inflammation of rheumatism and Gout, counteract yeast infections (such as leukorrhea) and combat upper respiratory tract infections and spasms, including Asthma, coughs, profuse phlegm in the lungs, shortness of breath and fullness and pressure in the chest area.

In the fight against obesity and weight management, Magnolia Bark has recently been recognized as an efficient fat burner. It is said that the magnolol and honokiol in the herb effectively inhibit the body''s production of cortisol, the substance that liberates fat from adipose cells and thus suppresses fat storage, particularly in the abdominal and belly area.

Guggul, also known as Commiphora mukul and Indian Bedellium, is a very effective herbal medicine for controlling obesity and cholesterol. It is a well established fat burning agent all over the world and is currently becoming very popular in America, Japan, Europe and many other western nations.

Guggul is a resin known to increase white blood cell counts and possess strong disinfecting properties. It has long been known to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, while maintain or improve the HDL to LDL ratio. It is one of the very first "broad spectrum drugs" with a wide therapeutic range. A broad mode of action makes this herb very helpful even in protecting against ailments such as common cold, and various skin, dental and ophthalmic infections. People today most commonly use it to benefit from Guggul''s lipid regulating and immunomodulating properties. It has been shown that Guggul can lower blood cholesterol by 14-27% and can lower triglycerides by 22-30%. Its benenfits as a weight-loss and fat burning agent have been well researched and documented in several studies.

The yellowish extracts from the resin of the Guggul tree (Commiphora mukul) is soon going to be one area that is going to come under the spotlight in the west for its magical medicinal properties. What is new in this, you might ask. After all, was this not known in India almost 2,500 years ago?

But, it is only now that scientists in the United States are testifying to its efficacy. Recently, Dr. David Moore of the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston has reported “the 2500-year-old traditional Indian medication for lowering cholesterol really works.”

Dr. N.K. Ganguly, director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research says no new research was being done on Guggul in India as the Central Drug Research Institute in India had developed the Guggul drug for cholesterol lowering properties way back in the seventies. It was also patented. A private company marketed the drug and in India the properties and medical efficacy of Guggul was not new to Indian scientists, he said.

The prestigious American journal, Science, has reported Dr. Moore’s findings. The American interest in Guggul is been seen with great interest in India as it might lead to the development of improved drugs.

Dr Moore says the Guggul extract lived up to its reputation of lowering cholesterol as mentioned in a number of clinical studies in Indian literature. Dr Moore’s paper credits Indian Ayurvedic medicine using the extract since at least 600 BC to treat obesity and other disorders.

Other Names: Amorphophallus konjac, Devil''s Tongue, Elephant-foot Yam, Konjac, Konjac Mannan, Konnyaku, Snake Plant

Who is this for? (What are its uses?)

Glucomannan is the Western name for vegetable fibers derived from an Asian plant family known as konjac. Glucomannan does not dissolve in water, but forms a thick, gooey gel when exposed to fluids. The body does not digest glucomannan, so the resulting large soft mass moves through the intestines and may trigger intestinal muscle contractions. Therefore, glucomannan is thought to be an effective bulk-type laxative, even though it may take up to 12 hours to be effective.

Glucomannan has also been studied for treating obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Studies in both adults and children with severe obesity showed varying degrees of weight loss associated either with taking supplemental glucomannan or with replacing some of the usual diet with foods made from glucomannan (konjac) flour--the dried and ground tuber (underground stem) of the plant.

Generally, glucomannan is believed to discourage overeating because it creates a feeling of fullness because the fiber in it swells. Because stomach contents may stay in the stomach longer, the individual does not feel hungry as often. However, in most of the research studying glucomannan for weight loss, study participants also drank large amounts of water and followed a reduced-calorie diet.

Possibly due to the same delay in stomach emptying, glucomannan may improve blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes. Because the absorption of carbohydrates from foods is slower when glucomannan is taken, blood sugar levels may not rise as high or as fast as usual. Some preliminary results from animal studies also suggest that glucomannan may increase the sensitivity of body tissues to the insulin that is produced or taken. In several studies, taking glucomannan has also appeared to lower blood levels of total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL, or "bad" cholesterol), and triglycerides. Although more research on this possible use of glucomannan is needed, glucomannan may increase the elimination of cholesterol and its components from the body. It may also keep bile acids from being reabsorbed in the intestines, further reducing cholesterol levels in the blood, because the body uses cholesterol to produce more bile.

"UltraSlim + weight loss program has changed my life. I feel so much more confident now!!"

"6 weeks, and 18 pounds lighter. UltraSlim Plus truly is a great way to diet! Thank you very much!"

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Nothing worked ‘til now – 6 lbs in 8 days

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for years with every kind of diet out there, but not even Atkins worked for me. My doctor told me my metabolism just wasn’t what it used to be and advised me to try another route. I took UltraSlim Plus and started eating less – I’ve lost 6 pounds in only eight days.”

“I''ve recommended UltraSlim Plus and your company to many people. Not only does your product work well, but you are wonderful people to deal with. Have a good day.”

weight loss effects of Green Tea and Hoodia

Gwyneth Paltrow and Courtney Love, dropped more than 50 lbs. in 2007 Eva and Tony Go Green Tea all the way.

The popularity of green tea is steadily increasing thanks to many high profile stars in Hollywood. Celebrities are now using green tea to jumpstart their weight loss plans. Green tea is now becoming the beverage of choice.

The green tea weight loss comes from the boost in metabolism found in green tea. As an added bonus, green tea is known to heal skin. This rejuvenation of skin leads to less wrinkles all over the body. Green Tea after a meal helps you metabolize your food more.

What do, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Mischa Barton, Mary Kate Olsen and Chloe Lattanzzi, Gwyneth’s Paltrow, Courtney love and Eva Longoria all have in common?

They have dropped pounds, lots of pounds! We count more than 286 pounds altogether! These gals used Green Tea and Hoodia to lose the weight and keep it off...

Green tea weight loss comes from the boost in metabolism found in green tea, where Hoodia’s secret is the ability to decrease between meal cravings and reduce the amount of calories a person needs to take in to feel “satisfied”

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" I cried when I opened the letter, I didn''t deserve it, all I did was lose weight which gave me my happiness back.

I mean you changed my life, gave me education for me to make informed decisions and choices that I would otherwise not have done. You gave me so much, so when I opened up the letter and pulled out a cheque of £250.00, I, I... I am sorry, just a second, my eyes are filling up and I cannot see my writing on the page. Ok, you see what I had achieved was so much and when I got the £250.00 I could not cope emotionally, it was just too much.

It was winter time and Lady (my dog) was starting to feel the cold and I had seen a coat for her in the sale. She is now 12 years old and the look in her eyes when I put the coat on her... I''m sorry just a second. She... just that one moment I felt her heart full of love.

Not only that I was able to buy my only Grandchild something he really wanted which was a first rather than buying him underpants and socks. And with the left over money I bought myself several bits from Marks and Spencers in the sale. So to win, was like winning the 1st prize at Bingo down at the local Working Mens Club.

You really made a normal woman very special, Thank you. "

I don’t feel like snacking

"My entire life I have had a bad habit of eating too much. Food is my vice, and I am consistently reaching for junk food between meals. Well, that was true til I begun taking UltraSlim Plus. As of now I just don''t think about or feel like snacking."

I can actually resist my favorite desserts

"Taking UltraSlim Plus has helped me focus on eating right and eating less. I can actually resist cravings and temptations even after I smell my favorite desserts and snacks - I feel full enough to say no. I’m already bragging about UltraSlim Plus to my friends."

"Thank you Janet. 67 lbs lighter and a new job. My life is starting to turn around. Thank you very much."

"Proud mum of 3. Your weight loss system just gave me what I needed to lose those extra stubborn lbs."

"The baby fat after my pregnancy just fell off. I have more energy than before and I need it as Tyla keeps my busy."

"It''s the first time in 5 years that I have finally come off my anti-depressant tablets. I was so blind, when you can''t see the woods for the trees and feeling of no way out. I''m alive again. My only regret is that I did not know of this before."

UltraSlim Plus will safeguard your personal credit information. All transactions are encrypted with powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, address, and telephone number before they travel over the Internet. This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as the telephone.

"Green Tea may help boost metabolism to aid weight loss, block allergic response, slow the growth of tumors, protect bones, fight bad breath, improve skin, protect against Parkinson''s disease, and even delay the onset of diabetes." - Web MD

"Green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism), plus also had a significant effect on fat oxidation."

"People who take GREEN TEA each day have a lower risk of death" A Japanese Study shows that by consuming green tea you might actually have a longer life by reducing heart disease and stroke!?"

"It is 100 times more effective than Vitamin C and 25 times better than Vitamin E."

“Thanks UltraSlim Plus! In less than a week, I can see a difference in the morning mirror. And, I am not taking as directed! My second capsule is taken after dinner and my “before bed” snacks have stopped naturally.“

24 lbs in 4 months – no exercise, no diet

“Being extremely over weight and with a family history of obesity, I had to lose weight. So I began taking UltraSlim Plus capsules before meals, and lost 24 pounds in four months. I lost the weight without making any changes to my diet or exercise program. I just did not have the urge to eat as much and the weight started coming off. “

Tufts University Diet & Nutrition Letter, Oct. 1996

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Human Nutrition Research Center, Chromium Study, 1996

George Washington University, Dept. Of Pharmacology, Washington, D.C., Chromium Toxicity Study, 1995.

US Library of Medicine: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

A service of the U.S. National Library Of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health

In a study reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it was found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a measure of metabolism), plus also had a significant effect on fat oxidation.

"Imagine this: an organic supplement that kills the appetite and attacks obesity. It has no known side effects and containd a molucule that fools your brain into believing you are full." BBC News

"The key issue in weight control is the reduction of calorie intake, and this is what happens in many oeioke when Hoodia is taken as a dietry supplement."

These are just a few of the many Hollywood Stars having great success with Hoodia...

Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher & Eva Longoria Swear By Hoodia

"Sexiest Woman In America", Angelina Jolie, used Hoodia to drop her 25lbs of baby fat super fast...

Lionel Richie''s daughter, Nichole Richie Is Hooked On Hoodia...

Mi-Young Park, Kwang-Seung Lee, and Mi-Kyung Sung. 2005. Effects of dietary mulberry, Korean red ginseng, and banaba on glucose homeostasis in relation to PPAR-alpha, PPAR-gamma, and LPL mRNA expressions. Life Sciences, 77(26): 3344-3354

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CAUTION: If you begin to experience weight loss in excess of one pound per 24 hours, temporarily discontinue use.

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